About Drift:


We're redefining the spa.

How you might ask?  Simple.  Most high-end spas you visit are made up of employees that are most likely over worked and under paid.  They have to answer to the rules of spa owner who may have motives of financial gains over your well-being.

 Drift is comprised of estheticians, massage therapists and Reiki practitioners, who care deeply about the service they provide.  While everyone works synergistically together for the business each service provider is essentially their own boss.  So that means at Drift we're in control.  You will not be put on a timer or feel rushed.  We take our time and listen to your needs.   We don't overbook and make sure our last service of the day is just as good as our first.  

 Drift has been a vision of Esthetician & Massage Therapist Katrina Ungvarsky for many years and now thanks to her sister, Kara Sheehan and an even bigger thanks to her uncle, Joe Ungvarsky, the vision of Drift is finally a reality.  She has been in the field for over 14 years and has done extensive training over those years.  Her education and research has led her to discover some of the best products on the market.  Katrina, along with other well-qualified practitioners, are excited to not only bring the world's best products to you, but also unique services that are both relaxing and beneficial to your well being.  


Thank your for your interest in Drift, we look forward to serving you.

"Feel Good, Think Good, Do Good."