Back To Baseline, A Signature Treatment To DRIFT:

This is a treatment that is truly unique to Drift.  We go through periods in our lives where stress can be overwhelming and detrimental to our well being.  It’s at these periods that it is most important to get our stress level back down to baseline.  The sessions will be tailored based on your progress and body needs.  You can choose from having a custom aromatherapy blend lotion/oil, or one of our Ayurvedic oils.  We’ll use steam towels and hot stones in all of the sessions.  The catch is commitment.  You have to do 5 sessions in 2 weeks, or 10 sessions in a month. Again the purpose is to really lower your level of over all stress to promote your overall well being. The  5 session B2B consist of: 4 one hour signature treatments and your choice of an Ayurvedic treatment.  The 10 session B2B consists of 8 one hour signature and 2 Ayurvedic treatments of your choice. We offer this incredible package because we believe in the benefits of massage and because we got into this field to help make a difference in people's health and well being. 

5 Session Back to Baseline: $300.00
10 Session Back to Baseline: $580.00

*Add Rose Ubtan back exfoliation: $5.00
**Add Kansa Facial Massage (15 min): $15.00
***Shirodhara add on only (40min): $60.00
( All Add On’s Per Treatment)

Why Back to Baseline?
"Because your body didn't get this way over night and it's going to take more than one session to get results."