Some Inner Peace: 
One Hour Massage,
 15 Min Kansa Wand Face Lift,
One Hour of  Reiki. 

The Perfect Pick Me-UP:
Half Hour Massage, An Express Facial, 
Blow Out, & ManiCure.

Or Pedicure Instead Of A Manicure.


Packages For When You Need...

That After Glow: 

A Spa Favorite: ​

Phyto 5 Thalasso Body Treatment, 
Express Facial.

​​A Slight Shift:

Series Of 3 Tibetan Shirodhara Treatments,

2 Oil & Ubtan Body Treatments.


A Little Love & Light: 

One Hour Massage And Our

Chakra Balancing Treatment Using The Chromapuncteur™ 10​ Full Spectrum Light Machine.


Balance For Two:
Services done in same room.

Hour Massage Each Person, 

Phyto5 Element Facial. 


A Sanctuary:
Half Hour Massage,

20 Min Phyto Soak, 
Phyto 5 Element Facial.